Press Release: CE Certificate of Conformity for Clinical Trial Suite

 · Carolyn Crabb

M&S Technologies, Inc. Obtains CE Certificate of Conformity to meet growing International demand for Clinical Trial Suite (CTS)

CTS is a fully automated, customizable suite of protocols designed specifically for use in vision-related Clinical Trials and Research Studies

Niles, IL
February 28, 2017

M&S Technologies, the first name in computerized vision testing systems, recently received the CE Certificate of Conformity for their Clinical Trial Suite (CTS)
of products. After much success in U.S. based clinical trials and rising inquiries internationally, M&S Technologies finalized the CE process for M&S CTS products.

CTS consists of a variety of visual acuity and contrast sensitivity tests and protocols that easily steps the user through the vision tests presented. CTS directly responds to user input regarding correct/incorrect results. Each system can be customized to conduct the specific vision tests and protocols needed by the trial sponsor in order to quickly identify patterns in the patient data.

The CTS protocols adhere strictly to the ANSI and ISO standards, are accepted for use in Phase III Endpoint Trials and are peer-reviewed and published by prominent healthcare journals. The science behind CTS ensures a high level of precision and repeatability from site to site for reliable results.

More details about CTS can be viewed online HERE

M&S has always designed and produced the CTS product in accordance with the highest quality, safety, health and environmental standards expected within the medical device arena. And now, the timing was right to obtain the CE Certificate of Conformity for our products. It was really a market demand driven decision. Our Pharmaceutical clients have experienced time-savings, and unbiased, computer generated results with our CTS product. As they expand their trials throughout the world M&S is making sure all the details are in place to provide a superior product and service to them.

Joe Marino, President

About M&S Technologies:
Founded in 1990, M&S Technologies is a software company specializing in visual testing systems and dedicated to developing the very best products for eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities, and products used in clinical trials. To date, over 26,000 systems are in use across 39 countries with a growing network that includes 25 distributors and several strategic industry alliances. Superior service, industry-leading technology and products that define the cutting edge have been the hallmarks of M&S for over 25 years.

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