Eyecare Sales Leader Brings Wealth of Ophthalmology Brand Experience to Hilco Vision Care Solutions

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(MANSFIELD, MA) May 29, 2024 – Hilco Vision Care Solutions (HVCS) division, comprising Bruder Healthcare, M&S Technologies, and Hilco Vision Ophthalmic brands, is pleased to announce Brian Stafford as National Account Director. In his new role, Brian will develop initiatives, foster partnerships, and accelerate growth opportunities to expand the company’s reach and impact within the eye care sector.

Mr. Stafford has a demonstrated history of fostering growth and achieving commercial success with companies that feature some of the most reputable brands in the eyecare industry. His extensive experience in eyecare encompasses a range of categories, such as prescription and over the counter eyedrops, contact lenses, intraocular lenses, eyecare pharmaceuticals, and dry eye testing. “Brian’s dedication to the eyecare industry is remarkable. His sales leadership at growth companies has paved the way for successful trajectories, leading to acquisitions by some of the most prominent and well-known organizations in the sector. With his proven track record, he will expand the HVCS customer base,” said Brent Jones, Global Head of Vision Care Solutions at Hilco Vision.

Mr. Stafford will focus on the complete HCVS portfolio.

  • The Bruder® line of products for dry eye includes the #1 doctor-recommended Bruder microwave-activated moist heat eye compress, Bruder eyelid hygiene products, Eyedration® air-activated moist heat eye masks, The Dry Eye Drink™ hyper-hydration drink mix, AllerFocus™ in-office allergy testing and Bruder specialty instruments.
  • M&S Technologies® product portfolio includes the new M&S Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer™ (BOSA) for dry eye assessment, M&S Visual Acuity Smart System® and CTS Clinical Trial Suite®.
  • The Hilco Vision portfolio includes exam and surgical products, ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, and more.

With his breadth of brand experience, Brian also values the depth of client experience and is passionate about the eye care space, from the technician to the administrator to the doctor. “The game plan works best when all players are educated and in sync,” said Stafford. “My goal ultimately is to help eyecare practices become eye centers of excellence through incorporating the industry’s best from Bruder, M&S, and Hilco Vision.

About Hilco Vision Care Solutions

Hilco Vision Care Solutions (HVCS) represents the integrated ophthalmic division of Hilco Vision, combining the expertise of Hilco Ophthalmic, Bruder Healthcare, and M&S Technologies.

Hilco Ophthalmic provides pharmaceuticals, testing supplies and other eyecare solutions. Bruder Healthcare specializes in ophthalmic products to alleviate dry eye and other ocular conditions. M&S Technologies develops visual testing systems.

Together, HVCS offers a comprehensive suite of technological solutions to meet the diverse needs of eyecare professionals, retailers, and consumers worldwide. For more information, visit HilcoVision.com, BruderPro.com, and MSTech-Eyes.com.

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