About M&S

M&S Technologies is committed to bringing high-quality, highly accurate computerized vision testing products to eyecare professionals everywhere through innovative software development, local manufacturing and stellar customer service.

Our Smart System® computerized vision testing systems bring accuracy, science and ease-of-use that is truly unmatched. The tests, algorithms and protocols have been peer-reviewed and tested by key professionals and scientists in the industry and the technology is certified and calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing. In the end, it’s all about the quality of service and the science behind the product. We never make false claims about our products or make any assumptions. For example, we will never claim that we are certified for ETDRS or eETDRS™ without certification from an unbiased, independent organization.

Our technologies are continually expanding and adapting to the needs and direction of the industry: “good enough” is not in our vocabulary. To date, over 26,000 Smart Systems are in use worldwide. Unlike other companies who feel they must donate their product to gain market acceptance, M&S believes that it’s more important to be here 10 years from now to service your system.

We do not outsource or sub-contract our technical development to low-cost foreign companies where quality is very difficult to control. All of our software development, design and hardware engineering is done in Illinois. It’s our plan to continue to grow by investing in the community and creating more jobs at home, in the USA.

We believe in treating our customers in the same manner that we would expect to be treated, with real-time access to our technical support team who are trained in every aspect of hardware and our software. At M&S, we supply the same level of exceptional service to all of our customers, whether you purchase 1 system or 50 systems. We are not satisfied until you are.

Our expert support staff brings extensive experience gained from installing Smart System® vision testing systems into thousands of exam rooms. They will assist the eye care professional with a seamless transition from chart projectors to our state-of-the-art testing. With a variety of installation options, coupled with our fully upgradeable custom vision testing software, Smart System can integrate into every exam room. Ask about our seamless integration with EMR, allowing one computer to allow both real-time transcription and vision testing concurrently!