Pinterest Worthy: Is your optometry office on trend?

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A few clicks into Pinterest show that patients are often inspired to share the beauty they find at their optometrist’s office, but what makes a design eye catching and is that important? There are several answers to this question with breathtaking examples of various styles, layouts, and textures. While looking for a single answer, I find that there is no single answer; the office design seems to reflect so many factors not shown in the images: the surrounding neighborhood, the designer, the patients, the doctors.

Optometry office designs range from stylish boutiques to organic settings with wood and stone textures to industrial with chrome and other shiny finishes to homey with carpet and warm tones. There are chic designs beyond description with statement pieces like chandeliers, unexpected pops of color, hip furniture, or quirky giant eyeglasses and eye charts. Overall, the common theme is clean lines, open spaces, and attention to the details.

The “wow factor” can also be found in the exam rooms where even the exam chairs are offered in a variety of styles and colors to give further detail to the overall design theme. Exam equipment has become more streamlined and state of the art, made to encompass multiple functions and integrate with other equipment, allowing the doctor to control it all with a single remote or touchpad. The latest and greatest in technology gives the impression that the level of care is thorough and exemplary, even before the doctor enters the room.

As a glasses wearer for most of my life, looking back I can recall the moment I realized the impact the environment had on how I felt about the frames I selected. The office was stylish, the technician was stylish, and, as a result, I was stylish in my new pair of glasses with gunmetal gray frames. I think
subconsciously, when the office is trendy and meticulous, patients feel that not only are they getting great care from the doctors and technicians, but also that they will be led to a pair of glasses or two that will make them feel like a million bucks.

Ultimately, what matters is the eye care. However, in an environment where many patients are usually waiting with a phone in their hand and often eager to share their daily experiences, it is important to remember the impact the image of the office has on that experience and how it is communicated to the public. People say image is everything.

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