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The following information should clarify any questions you may have on our patents, trademarks, and copyrighted technologies. Customer rights relative to this intellectual property are also summarized below.

  • M&S Technologies, Inc. and its founder, Joe Marino, launched the Smart System® Fixation system to the ophthalmology market in 1991.
  • By the late 1990’s, M&S’s customer base encouraged M&S to expand its product line to include Computerized Vision Testing Systems. Joe Marino assessed market needs by sitting through hundreds of examinations in clinical sites.
  • Based on the data collected, the concept and design for the Smart System Computerized Vision Testing System was conceived by M&S. The initial software for Smart System® was written by Nordstrom Consulting Inc., a contract software coder.
  • The Smart System® II PC Plus was introduced by M&S in March of 2001.
  • From March 2001 through mid-December 2005, M&S sold and licensed the contract-coded software in its Smart System Computerized Vision Testing Systems to its customers.
  • In mid-December 2005, M&S ceased use of all the contract-coded software and launched its, new state-of-the-art system containing M&S-owned software.

In 2008, Dr. Jack Holladay M.D. was awarded US Patent Number 7,354,155 for the Holladay Automated Contrast Sensitivity System. This Patent is solely owned by M&S. As of 2015, M&S now holds two more additional patents on the HACSS system (patent numbers 7,926,948 and 8,425,040) as well as two patents for the Marco TRS Interface (patent numbers 8,167,429 and 8,419,184) and one patent for our Glare Testing technology (#8,550,631).

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