M&S announces Web-based Vision Testing

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Escalating healthcare costs and rapidly increasing needs for reliable telehealth and remote patient-care products led M&S Technologies, leader and innovator in essential vision testing products, to launch web-based vision testing/screening. After years in development, the introduction of M&S Technologies’ web-based Vision Testing has been released and considering the circumstances, could not be more timely. As a proven alternative to in office testing, doctors can continue to provide the highest level of care while safeguarding staff and visitor wellness. This easy-to-use web-based testing product, engages the patient, while expediently providing important vision testing results to their doctor. With the convenience of at home testing, patients are more likely to seek treatment.

M&S has been exploring web-based Vision Testing for quite some time and it’s a transformative change in our industry, so the timing of this launch is critical.” said Joe Marino, President & CEO. “Patients must get more actively involved in their healthcare and doctors need faster means to obtain accurate status on their patients’ health”. M&S’s new product allows patients to perform web-based vision testing at home, in a safe environment, at their convenience. Doctors are now able to monitor patient vision changes remotely. All detailed results are transmitted to the doctor for review and follow up to determine if a more intensive testing is required. The web-based tests include e-ETDRS, ATS/HOTV and Screening protocols. All M&S software has been peer reviewed, published and validated by industry leaders.

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About M&S Technologies:
Founded in 1990, M&S Technologies is a software development and device manufacturer, rooted in innovative software development, local manufacturing and stellar customer service. M&S specializes in visual testing systems. Known worldwide for our leading technological advancements, M&S is dedicated to bringing high quality, extremely accurate testing products to eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities.

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Have a thought about this article? Contact Us and let us know.