Press Release: M&S Glare Testing System

 · Carolyn Crabb

SKOKIE, IL, July 11, 2011—The newest addition to the Smart System® line is the Glare Testing System (GTS™) which provides a consistent technology for measuring the impact of glare on a patient’s vision. Developed and engineered by M&S (patent pending) along with the guidance of Dr. Jack Holladay, MD, the glare component offers the eye care professional an enhanced method to further test patients who complain of poor vision especially while driving at night.

Another first in the industry by M&S, each glare assembly is carefully calibrated to existing luminance standards for testing under glare conditions. With consistency from exam room to exam room and visit to visit, the Glare Testing System is easy to install and utilizes long-life, high-intensity LEDs. It is sold as an option and can be added to any Smart System in use today.

“Our Glare Testing System further differentiates our technology from others in the industry selling a rechargeable source or incandescent illumination. The proprietary design allows for an equal distribution of light at any testing distance thereby replicating real life experiences.” Joe Marino, President

About M&S Technologies:

Founded in 1990, M&S Technologies is a software company specializing in visual testing systems and dedicated to developing the very best products for eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities, and products used in clinical trials. To date, over 20,000 systems are in use across 39 countries with a growing network that includes 23 distributors and several strategic industry alliances. Superior service, industry-leading technology and products that define the cutting edge have been the hallmarks of M&S for over 20 years.

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