General Information

MRF Clinic Version

  • ​Peer reviewed and published with results that indicate a high correlation to the Humphrey Field Analyzer
  • Utilizes State-of-the-Art Technology, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 mini laptops and responder
  • Includes shroud to block reflection, ambient light and maintains 33 cm focal distance
  • Patient familiarity with technology minimizes patient anxiety, intimidation and is non-threatening
  • Visual field testing by changing fixation
  • Calibrated viewing distance at 33 cm
  • Registered Class 1 Medcial Device with the US FDA


  • Fast thresholding of Central 30 degrees - 3 to 4 minutes per eye
  • Full 30-2, 24-2, 10-2 and Screening
  • Equivalent diagnostic comparison between MRF and HFA (24-2) for Glaucoma
  • Advanced test/retest algorithm reducing subsequent test time
  • Utilizing Bayes predication of Threshold
  • Outcomes compare to Humphrey Field Analyzer
  • Portable, if required for nursing homes, remote area’s

Use & Operation

  • Minimal data entry required, simply input patient ID
  • Select the type of test, Screening, 30-2, 24-2, 10-2
  • Test begins and is interactive with the patient
  • Patient responds by pressing the responder and the test continues
  • Upon conclusion of the test results can be printer or exported