Validated to the Pelli-Robson charts

M&S Technologies has worked closely with the University of Toronto in calibrating letter contrast testing to the industry standards. We are pleased to announce that our letter contrast testing has been validated for testing, research and development purposes according to the industry standard Peli-Robson charts, click HERE to see the abstract. This requires precision monitor luminance calibration and gray scales set according to ANSI, ISO and FDA standards. Another first in the industry, this breakthrough now allows the eye care professional to test using low contrast letters with the confidence that 5% contrast is truly 5%.

Contrast Testing under Glare Conditions

A definitive test to assist in the diagnosis of cataracts, contrast testing under glare conditions can reveal other issues in addition to cataracts. Another “first” in the industry by M&S, each GTS (Glare Testing System) is carefully calibrated to existing luminance standards for testing a patient’s vision under glare conditions. The proprietary lenses minimize the light “spray”, starburst and halo effects created by the light source. These filters eliminate the scatter effect which allows light to spread evenly over the eye for balanced luminance distribution. This light distribution and luminance consistency is not found in any other glare testing device using any rechargeable source or incandescent illumination. The consistency from exam room to exam room, and visit to visit, gives the eye care professional the confidence to track the progression of cataracts and recommend ways in which to increase the quality of the patient’s vision.

GTS can be attached easily to the Smart System OR to most wall-mounted monitors or surrounding mirror displays.