M&S Bruder Ocular Surface Analyzer (BOSA)

Assess Ocular Surface Disease in 15 seconds

M&S BOSA delivers speed, accuracy and ease of use, in an all-in-one Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) Analyzer


Poised to become a must-have for dry eye practices.


Four Crucial OSD Tests in 15 Seconds

Six OSD Tests in Minutes


The Journal of Cornea and External Disease

Accuracy of a New Noninvasive Automatic Ocular Surface Analyzer for the Diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease-Two-Gate Design Using Healthy Controls.

Purpose | To assess the performance of a new noninvasive, automated ocular surface analyzer in the diagnosis of dry eye.

Methods | Analyzed for NIBUT, tear meniscus height, lipid layer, eye blink quality, and meibography.

Conclusions | Positive concordance with clinical diagnostic tests performed using traditional methods, illustrating the accuracy of the device.