Smart System® | VR Headset

The Only VR Headset with Time-Tested Software

M&S takes vision testing to new heights. The programmable VR Headset with Surface Pro 7 Controller is powered by our trusted M&S Smart System® software for fast and accurate vision testing. Our years of experience and service continue to help your clinic shine.

  • Eye Tracking Functionality

    Monitors and maintains patient fixation on central target

  • Visual Field QuickScreen

    45 second QuickScreen. Full test results in under 3 minutes per eye

  • Immediate Exportable Results

    Results immediately available and exportable from Surface Pro 7 Controller

  • Intuitive Interface

    Provides a straightforward user friendly interface for both doctor and patient

The newest technology with trusted experience

The Smart System® VR Headset is the newest addition to over 30-years of trusted quality and service from M&S Technologies. The programmable headset is lightweight, compact and portable, allowing your clinic to test in multiple settings.

Combine the portability of the VR headset with the accuracy of our Smart System® software and you get the most versatile vision testing device available. Our team not only has decades of experience developing and refining vision testing software, but also provides the dependable, trained specialists needed to back it up.

Extensive quality control

There is a reason the M&S Technologies brand has been trusted for over 30 years.
Our team members go through a time-tested process to ensure the product you receive will perform at our highest standards. In addition, if troubleshooting is needed, the same team members who loaded, tested and quality checked your VR headset will be the ones who support your needs.

Smart System VR Headset Features:

  • Eye tracking monitors and maintains patient fixation on central target
  • Visual field – 45 second QuickScreen; Full test results in under 3 minutes per eye
  • Exportable results immediately available on Surface Pro 7 Controller
  • Visual Field Tests: 10-2, 24-2, 30-2
  • Visual Field test pause / restart feature ensures proper eye fixation for greater accuracy
  • Easy to use and improves patient engagement
  • Lightweight, cushioned and compact design allows for remote testing
  • Contour Stereo Testing
  • Test in a fully illuminated room
  • Monitors and records patient test progression
  • NO internet connection required