Visual Acuity Testing

SVP allows the administrator to test for visual acuity down to the physiological threshold of 20/8. The randomized charts eliminate any chance of memorization. The protocol is calibrated to settings that comply with the ANSI and ISO standards for vision testing.

Depth Perception/Contour Stereo Testing

Tests the dimensional capabilities of the athlete’s vision, a critical component of many sports. Normal ocular health and good visual acuity scores are not indicative of optimal distance stereopsis for athletes, therefore this is a key test for athletes.

Letter Contrast Sensitivity Testing

Contrast Sensitivity has been found to be a significant differentiator in a player’s performance. Whereas visual acuity measures the quantitative aspect of vision, contrast testing measure the qualitative aspect of vision – from locating a baseball in the air on a cloudy day to picking out a hockey puck against a background of spectators’ clothing.

Eye Alignment

The eye alignment test measures the tendency of the athlete’s vision to turn in or out, up or down. Results are compared against normal deviations of 3 or less prism diopters in the inward direction, 5 or less prism diopters in the outward direction, and less than 2 prism diopters up and down.

Fusional Ability

Measures how well the eyes are working together. The visual targets are separated until the athlete reports seeing double. This test also indicates how well the athlete can compensate for eye alignment issues. The better the fusional ability, the better the athlete can compensate for alignment problems.