Customizable Software

Smart System Standard visual acuity software is custom written by our own software developers, a unique feature in the industry. The calibration and set-up screens are clear and easy-to-use. Seamless integration with EMR allows the use of just one computer in the exam room! The System has been issued a patent and is copyrighted.

Hardware Flexibility

The Smart System Standard can be purchased as any of these configurations:

  1. We supply a reliable Lenovo All-in-One with 20” screen (Integrated CPU/LCD)
  2. Purchase the software and NEC 22” monitor from us and supply your own computer
  3. Purchase only the Smart System software from us and supply your own hardware

Already have PC’s in the exam room? It may be possible to use your PC to run Smart System with the addition of a second graphics output and our monitor. Contact us for additional information.

Patient Education and Marketing

Increase revenues by educating your patients. Load images, movie files and marketing presentations easily onto the Standard for one-touch access from the remote control. The current direction of healthcare will force the industry to do more with less so take full advantage of patient chair time: educate them on the various types of lenses, or the large number of multi-focal IOL’s available today. Promote your staff, or highlight a seasonal sale.

Letter Contrast Sensitivity Testing

The Smart System Standard includes letter contrast testing where the clinician simply identifies the visual acuity threshold, increases the size by two lines and then switches to contrast testing.

Validated, peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Cornea & Refractive Surgery, November 2004, Texas Tech University.

Glare Testing

Optional upgrade. Provides a consistent technology for measuring the impact of glare on a patient’s vision. Carefully calibrated against existing methods of testing, our Glare Testing System (GTS) provides consistency that can’t be found in rechargeable incandescent systems or any other hand held glare source in the market today. Set the GTS to display an optotype for a period of time, then turn on glare to replicate real-life experiences such as an oncoming vehicle’s headlights at night or bright afternoon sunshine.