Glare Testing System

GTS from M&S is the most accurate and innovative Glare Testing System on the market today. It gives consistent, repeatable results to effectively evaluate patients who complain of poor vision, especially while driving at night.

Each assembly is carefully calibrated to existing luminance standards for testing vision under glare conditions. The proprietary lenses minimize the light “spray, starburst and halo effects created by the light source, and allow light to spread evenly over the eye for balanced luminance distribution.

  • Consistent lumination, always ready to use; no need to recharge batteries
  • Test at low, medium or high luminance levels
  • Test using any symbol or letter set and at any contrast level
  • Less expensive than the current BAT test
  • Easy to install and utilizes long-life, high intensity LED’s
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can be used to test under 2 light levels: photopic and mesopic

Luminance Sensor

  • Environmental and display parameters set according to ANSI and ISO specifications
  • Sensor is interfaced to CTS to seamlessly determine room lighting and automatically adjust monitor settings to a level within required specification (laptop only)
  • Includes advanced monitor analysis algorithm to check and re-check monitor luminance settings in less than 30 seconds
  • When prompted, simply plug in the unit into the designated USB slot, place the sensor face-up on the desk and the r oom luminance will be displayed on the monitor
  • Again when prompted, place the sensor on the monitor click next and the unit will then adjust the monitor to 85 cd/m2 or within the range of +/- 10%
  • The system is designed that if the luminance cannot be calibrated (as in a product failure) then the testing protocol will terminate and alert the user to contact M&S

Distance OneTM

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Device

  • Ultrasonic distance detection accurately measures and maintains specified calibration distance from the LED display to subject• Ultrasonic sensors send and receive data every 0.025 seconds, verifying the distance to the patient
  • Sponsor determines the minimum and maximum limits to ensure accuracy when testing at near and intermediate distances
  • Auto-Motion Detection will pause the test while notifying the technician based on participant deviation in distance to LED display
  • Easily calibrated without requiring trial frames or any correction
  • Seamless integration with all CTS systems for both near and intermediate testing
  • Accurate to within 1 cm