General Features

The Glare Testing System (GTS) provides consistency that can’t be found in rechargeable incandescent systems or any other glare source in the market today. So when a patient complains that their vision is significantly reduced in bright sunshine or driving at night or simply has trouble seeing after refracting to 20/25, simply turn on GTS to simulate that effect.

Historically, visual acuity testing has been conducted at 100% contrast letters which is the “standard” but does not represent real world conditions. The human eye sees things as various shades of gray where contrast sensitivity testing plays a very important role in the patients ability to differentiate an object from its background. This too applies to testing under glare conditions where low contrast letters will be displayed while testing under glare conditions which will assist the examiner in determining the patients ability to identify an object under glare duress. (Optional)

GTS on the Smart System

Another FIRST in the industry by M&S, each glare assembly is carefully calibrated to existing luminance standards for testing a patient’s vision under glare conditions. The proprietary lenses minimize the light “spray”, starburst and halo effects created by the light source. These filters eliminate the scatter effect which allows light to spread evenly over the eye for balanced luminance distribution. This light distribution and luminance consistency is not found in any other glare testing device using any rechargeable source or incandescent illumination. The consistency from exam room to exam room and visit to visit gives the examiner the confidence to track the progression of cataracts and recommend ways in which to increase the quality of the patient’s vision. (Optional)

A study conducted at Nova Southeastern University demonstrates a high correlation between the M&S Glare Testing System and the industry standard BAT. A manuscript has been submitted to the American Optometric Association for publication.

Stand-Alone GTS

​Our patented GTS can be configured for other refractive systems and situations! The configurable Glare Assembly can be attached directly to most wall-mounted monitors or surrounding mirrored displays. (Optional)

• Attaches to monitor or wall quickly and easily

• Lights never need recharging

• High intensity LED lights rated at 50,000 hours