• Track changes in visual acuity levels from visit to visit
  • Allows testing at 3 meters, 1 meter and 25 centimeters
  • Measures black-white discrimination in patients with acuity below 20/16000
  • Visual acuity thresholds to 20/20000
  • System controlled by any M&S produced input device

Application to Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Trials

  • Extends the FDA approved eETDRS protocol to include tumbling E’s, linear sine gratings and black/white discrimination
  • Dramatically increases the quality and repeatability of test results
  • Automated protocol eliminates technician bias, interpretation and erroneous data
  • Eliminates CF (counting fingers) and HM (hand motion) interpretation
  • Conforms to all ANSI, ISO and FDA guidelines for Visual Acuity testing
  • Allows trial sponsor to track changes in visual function over time
  • Reduces test time by automating the testing process and eliminating bias and interpretation
  • Provides for consistent and repeatable results
  • Patient results can be printed
  • Test results can be stored locally or transferred to any media storage device
  • Can use Smart System integrated database to store and transmit test results within minutes of test completion via internet connections (optional add-on)