The Link between Vision and Academics

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Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) believe that vision and academic achievement are more closely related than we may think. Furthermore, the absence of a vision screening requirement in Australian schools may result in undetected visual impairments, and consequently, decreased academic performance.

Upon testing 109 seven and eight year old students, QUT researchers discovered that 30% of students had visual impairments that went previously unnoticed. The researchers speculate that poor visual acuity is largely responsible for underdeveloped literacy and numeracy skills, as well as reduced participation in the classroom. In accordance with the researchers’ speculations, students that the study identified as being visually impaired performed distinctly lower on NAPLAN standardized academic tests than students with normal visual acuity.

Dr. Sonia White, a lead researcher at QUT, observed that the Australian schools participating in the study saw significant academic improvement following the diagnosis and treatment of their students with poor vision. For this reason, Dr. White believes that national vision testing requirements in schools ought to be taken more seriously. In addition, Dr. White claims that it is unfair not to prioritize student eye care, especially since new research overwhelmingly indicates that good vision is vital for academic success.

Source: EurekAlert!

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