Why keep up with Technology?

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Eye care professionals, especially those who practiced before the age of computerized charts and wireless tablets, may hold reservations about the technological course that vision care has taken. Despite any reservations, resisting the undeniable grasp that technology now holds over the eyecare industry and the world today is unproductive. The choice to keep up with the latest technology in the exam room is an important one, and shouldn’t be made with just the clinician in mind. Patients too indirectly have a say so on the matter as they subliminally assess each contact and experience at your practice.

After purchasing a new product – the latest car, smartphone, or TV – customers are generally excited about its use and confident in its operation. The same goes for eye care technology. When the clinician is excited about a new piece of exam room technology, that attitude will be clearly visible during appointments. Patients are perceptive, and a clinician’s confidence in not only their own knowledge and professionalism but also in the equipment they use will result in higher patient satisfaction and increased referrals.

With the millennial generation now well into their adult years, it may be time for them to choose an eye care provider on their own. The first generation to grow up exposed to computers and smartphones as everyday necessities will undoubtedly notice the presence of modern technology while visiting a practice. Millennials recognize the value of updated technology as a symbol of a cutting-edge practice versus an outdated one. As time goes on, more new patients will be children and young adults, so it’s worth it to target those age groups when considering technology. A sleek, computerized system capable of displaying more than just an eye chart is sure to impress.

The constant evolution of technology in the eye industry forces professionals to rethink the way they provide care. But is that necessarily a bad thing? An openness to change is the driving force behind progress. Adopting the ‘latest and greatest’ technologies might even cause eye care professionals to wonder how they conducted appointments without it.

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